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We are proud to present our beautiful selection of interior acoustic panels.

Yes - we deliver our panels not only to Finnish customers but
also to many other EU countries. Our shop for better music electronics for
homes is placed in the center of Helsinki.  Interior acoustics is
another strong business area of ours.

The evolving selection is truly the greatest in the whole world, we believe.
It is, however, somewhat oriented to nordic style of interiors.
There are many options which suit also for company interiors.
We can even produce very large multi-panel installations especially
from our selection of vector graphics.

IMPORTANT: Most of our panels are made after order only. 
As the orders being such personal, we cannot buy panels back
if they did not suit into your space.  So please choose carefully to get
exactly the best choices in the first place.

For the same reason we have to invoice our panels in advance.
The production will take place as soon as possible after we have
the money on our bank account.  We can invoice you by e-mail.

Please don't hesitate asking questions - we will be glad to answer.

Best Regards,

musiikin.com oy

Please contact us by e-mail: info@musiikin.com


Musiikin.com Oy
Otavantie 5, 00200 Helsinki

Our shop is open: Tue-Fri 11am-6pm, 
1. and 3. Sat of the Month 11am-3pm


E-mail: info@musiikin.com

Tel. +358-9-7831 391









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Liikkeessämme näet kattavimman akustiikkapaneelivalikoiman.  Saat neuvoja ja ideoita sekä tarvittaessa kontaktin akustiikkaan erikoistuneeseen sisustussuunnittelijaan.

Paneelit ovat helppoja asentaa, mutta avullamme löydät myös ammattitaitoiset asentajat, jotka tulevat asentamaan paneelit tiloihisi, mikäli tarvitset asennusapua.

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